A lot of people ask me what is in it for me when I come to NILF year after year. It’s simple- no other industry conference brings together so many people, including the marketing fraternity, together like NILF does. Today, within a span of a couple of hours that I spent at the venue, I caught up with Rita Roy Chowdhary, H-Marketing, Hexaware and ran into Shruti Jain, Global Head- Corporate Communications & Brand, EXL Services. I also had a great discussion with Sushma Rajagopal, H- Global Strategy & Marketing, L&T Infotech, Sangeeta Sundaram H- Marketing & Communications, Capgemini, India and Suresh Iyer, VP, Global Delivery and Marketing. The common theme across most of these discussions was the need to make marketing efforts to be more process driven, consistent and measurable. Needless to say improving predictability of marketing outcomes and being able to quantify the same will go a long way in demonstrating the business relevance of marketing. more