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The MNC show at NILF 2011

Accenture, CapGemini, IBM, Cisco, CA Technologies, CSC, AT&T and ATOS Origin….. they are highly visible and participate in NILF 2011. Accenture is the knowledge partner, as always! Cap Gemini is doing a number of things around the event- they brought in Robert Swan, polar explorer, for a masterclass session; they have sponsored an evening and their top management has anchored sessions. IBM and Cisco are showcasing their cool technologies- the spoken web and telepresence.  CSC and others are key sponsors. One thing is clear – for all these companies, India as a market or offshore destination- is important enough to warrant such an investment of time and money.I was chatting with folks from these companies and all of them reiterated the need to underscore their India-intentions in as many ways as they could. more

Are you partnering with your customer?

Day 1 @NILF 2011 –One interesting session that I attended today was the one called “New Normal for Customer-Vendor Relationships: the imperatives” with the speakers being Rajesh Nambiar – VP & GM of Global Delivery @ IBM and Matt Idle, Credit, Operations Director @British Gas. The two spoke about what was needed today to handle the changing market context. According to Rajesh, emerging markets, lower financial leverage and prolonged uncertainty have been instrumental in bringing about sweeping changes in the IT industry. Some of the changes that he talks about were the concept of Frugal innovation, sharing know how rather than keeping it exclusive, nimble operating models, improving resource productivity through usage of cloud etc and being a true partner to the customer. In this context, he also talked about the current buzzword – outcome based models where service providers bank on their understanding of the customer’s industry and business and hence agree to put skin in the game. more

Salutations! Live from Nasscom ILF 2011!