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Marketing mantras from John Sculley

Sculley says the key role of marketing is to ask the right questions. He alluded to a research he anchored way back at Pepsi where they started off designing a bottle to compete with then market leader Coke, but eventually went on to launch larger size packs as he found out that homes that stocked colas were always running out of stock! more

Nandan Nilekani@What it would take to realize ‘Dream India’

Recently, at the NASSCOM Infrastructure Management Summit at Bangalore, Nandan Nilekani delivered the opening keynote on the second day. For one, he floored the audinece by his matter-of-fact delivery. But the reason why his keynote stood apart from a typical opening keynote, was that at a conference that was still deliberating upon the ‘why and how’ of the cloud, he spoke about the UID project that could very well be one of the biggest projects to have umpteen applications sitting on the cloud. It was theory vs Practical! more

John Sculley: The Brand Builder

What do Pepsi and Apple have in common? more

Raghuram Rajan: The Logic Warrior

Come October 27 and Raghuram Rajan may walk away with the Financial Times and Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award 2010 for Fault Lines.  But on that front, I am afraid, it is as much speculation on my part, as there is in the financial world on whether or not the depression and doom is behind us all. more

Vignettes of NILF 2010

As I look back on the just concluded NILF 2010, some memories stand out more clearly than others, having made a distinct impression on me. Like being in the wash room and seeing Som Mittal come in, haggard, shoulders stooped, looking tired to the bone. After the usual visit to the urinals, he approached the sinks, washed his hands, whipped off his glasses and washed his face vigorously. The he wiped his face, placed his glasses back on, squared his shoulders and held his head up. He then walked out the door jauntily, refreshed and energized, seemingly ready for anything. Love his spirit, and that of the NASSCOM team… more

India and Pakistan: No rivalry please, we’re IT buddies

Cricket may no longer be as sporting as it once was when it comes to India-Pakistan ties but software is still going strong. Barring
2008, when Mumbai was the victim of a terror attack, the apex software industry body of Pakistan, Pasha (Pakistan Software Houses Association), has been a regular at the annual Nasscom Leadership meet since the past five years. In 2005, the country’s top exporter Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) nearly formed a joint venture with a Pakistan software firm but eventually, dropped the plan. But that has not deterred Jehan Ara, president, Pasha, from coming here for dialogue and network at what she says is now increasingly a global conference. more