Day 3 of NILF kicked off with a round table of CEOs of some of our largest IT players – Infy, Wipro and Genpact. The most interesting segment of the discussion was around the promise of the Indian market. Every CEO at that table agreed that the Indian market was showing more promise than ever, and each of them had their own reasons for that viewpoint. Here is a gist.
Girish Paranjpe, Wipro pointed out that IT projects in India are now world scale, in volume terms, if not in $ value. This is particularly true of telecom, where India has seen some innovative business models linking IT contracts to subscriber growth. Paranjpe also pointed out that the price points at which Indian telcos operated also forced suppliers like Wipro to be more innovative in the delivery/contract approach.
Kris Gopalakrishnan, Infosys opined that Indian CIOs were generally more adaptable to new business models built around non-linearity, possibly due to the fact that Indian IT firms enjoyed greater brand equity back home.
Pramod Bhasin of Genpact saw a large part of the opportunity coming from government business. He also argued that with growth rates in the region of 20% +, Indian CIOs were keen to leapfrog technology adoption cycles, making the journey more interesting for suppliers.
Well clearly these CEOs are betting on the Indian market. Now, if only Indian CIOs paid top $…….. more