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Global Forces of Disruption Impacting Enterprises

Over the next decade, five disruptive forces will shake the global economy as few have done before. These five forces — the great rebalancing, the productivity imperative, the global grid, pricing the planet, and enmeshed complexities — will create a world that is more interconnected, more interactive, and more aware, while at the same time one that is trying to harness and protect the same set of finite resources. No one and nothing will escape their effect. Individuals, businesses and governments, urbanites and villagers, the affluent and the struggling will all feel the impact of these five forces. more

A Primer on VC & PE Funding

As asset classes and popular routes to investing, Venture Capital & Private Equity Funds have had a strong run thus far. Notably, angel investors have been entrepreneurs themselves, often in the tech space, and typically these HNI individuals display keenness in betting on new ideas which they believe will yield high returns, when orchestrated as viable business models. The binding factor is not about finance alone, but the spirit of entrepreneurship which finds a shared resonance.30-april Blog more

Multiple sources of funding driving growth of Indian start-ups

Indian start-ups have come a long way from a handful in 2005 to crossing the 3,000 mark already by the end of year 2014. A home to a new breed of young start-ups, the country has gradually evolved to become the fourth largest base of tech start-ups in the world. These new generation entrepreneurs are diving into high-value technology solutions, marking an era of hyper growth inflection point; with growth, capital and acquisitions all coming together creating a perfect storm.Multiple sources of funding driving growth of Indian start-ups more

Helping the smaller companies

One of the consistent discussions that kept on cropping up while I was at the India Leadership Forum in Mumbai this month was over smaller companies. How can smaller companies find business if they don’t have overseas sales offices, and how can they be found when a potential client is actively looking for a smaller partner – probably because they are themselves fairly small and might not be considered very important by the big suppliers. more