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IT-BPM Services Outlook – Coming up, a SMAC-king growth time!

IT spending trends during 2009 – 13 were marked by volatility, but 2014 – 17 looks to be a period of more secular growth. Predictable growth makes way for predictable hiring, which results in delivery optimisation and execution. According to ISG, Annualized Contract value (ACV) for IT contracts was up by 100% YoY in Q1FY15. And unlike previous years – the growth has been secular and holistic across verticals.
IT-BPM Services Outlook more

Future of IT

IT in the future- Consumerized, all pervasive, connected, at the center of every person and organization’s life- more

Brazil in India

When I was in India recently for the NASSCOM conference I noticed a lot of other countries being represented at the show. In fact, over twenty different countries had delegations there in Mumbai. more

Vignettes of NILF 2010

As I look back on the just concluded NILF 2010, some memories stand out more clearly than others, having made a distinct impression on me. Like being in the wash room and seeing Som Mittal come in, haggard, shoulders stooped, looking tired to the bone. After the usual visit to the urinals, he approached the sinks, washed his hands, whipped off his glasses and washed his face vigorously. The he wiped his face, placed his glasses back on, squared his shoulders and held his head up. He then walked out the door jauntily, refreshed and energized, seemingly ready for anything. Love his spirit, and that of the NASSCOM team… more

Catalyzing IT Transformation: Key Priorities and Challenges, Session one at the NILF 2010

We have Mr., Rajendra Pawar, Chairman NIIT Tech, leading the first session of the NILF 2010 on Catalysing IT Transformation: Key Priorities and Challenges. more

Who is your female tech heroine?

Ada Lovelace day is an international day of blogging each year on March 24th to celebrate the role of women in science and technology. more