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‘Business with a Conscience’

Azim Premji, in an interesting session along with Jerry Rao today at the NILF,  shared some very simple messages and yet were able to create a spark in the minds of, probably, most of the many leaders present in the room. Following is a bit from what indeed was ‘more than a mere PR exercise’ and something we believe can be executed by all. We have shared some opinions below and hope to further the thought at the CSR track tomorrow. more

Why is inclusive growth becoming such a key priority for IT-BPOs?

The Indian economy has transformed into a vibrant, rapidly growing consumer market, comprising over 300 million strong middle class with increasing purchasing power. However, despite this there is a large section of our society who are unable to avail of these opportunities. The IT-BPO industry is a modern and forward thinking sector that has consistently demonstrated its concern for all its stakeholders. The industry is therefore participating in inclusive growth, which requires that opportunities for participation in the growth of the industry become equally accessible to citizens from all backgrounds, whatever be their past handicaps.
Whereas efforts at social development could necessarily induce the consumption of various resources – be it people or infrastructure; IT, on the other hand, can be brought in line for even rural developmental initiatives much faster, reaching out to more people.
The IT-BPO Industry needs to shed its image of being concerned largely with the export market alone and as one seeking tax concessions without getting involved in the national eco-system in which the industry operates. The Industry needs to demonstrate a commitment to the “other India; taking development to the ‘Bottom of the Pyramid’.
It is keeping this notion in mind that NASSCOM Foundation’s CSR track on 11th Feb at NASSCOM India Leadership Forum is focusing on ‘Engaging the BoP’ as its theme. It is both a pressing humanitarian and business imperative to find solutions for this global concern.
- Jaithrith (Jerry) Rao, Chairman, NASSCOM Foundation more