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Expect (and welcome) the unexpected

Mr Ashank Desai, the Chairman of Mastek and also the Chairperson for this session, introduced Lynda Gratton, the professor of Organisational Behaviour from London Business School. We are indeed lucky to have her address at the NILF, Mr Desai said. According to a recent survey conducted by FT, London Business School was ranked as the No 1 B School in the world and Prof Gratton was amongst the leading management thinkers of the world today. With an overall 18th rank and the highest in women, she certainly had all the right credentials. Prof Gratton has also authored several books, such as, Integrating the enterprise and Living Strategy. On a lighter vein, Ashank Desai shared a joke. A man had once gone to purchase a parrot and in one particular cage,  there were a dozen of them chirping away, but he caught one of them taking a nap. “Why is that’? enquired the man. “Oh, he is the Chairman”, shot back the seller. This had the crowd in splits. In this environment, no matter which strategy you adopt, ultimately it will be your employees who will drive business and deliver value, Mr Desai said. In a globalised and highly competitive environment, how much attention should you give to your employees? Their need is different from those of your customers , he said. With rising customer pressures, striking that vital balance becomes an imperative. Mr Desai spoke of some of the pressing challenges that employees face today: Commuting long distances and maintaining a work life balance is only a few of them. more

Passion is what it takes

according to Lynda Gratton, professor from London Business School. In her talk “Expect the unexpected” she concluded by saying that the future of the workplace is quite uncertain and no one can predict the formula for success. Hence, her advice to the audience was simple- discover your passion or your strengths and achieve mastery- this could be a skill or a competence, such as writing, or networking or program management. Even in an ever changing work landscape, the skill remains with you, and helps you along the way. The other point she made was about the need to learn continually. more

Get Set Go…Building Organizations With a Vision with Lynda Gratton from the London Business School

Live Blogging the Track on Day two of the NILF 2010…Get Set Go…Building Organizations With a Vision with Lynda Gratton from the London Business School. more

Recession led to a stronger view on ethics in mgt – An interview with Lynda Gratton in ET

Lynda Gratton has spent two decades working on, as she says, humanising employment . More recently her raison d’etre has been the examination of
why some organisations buzz with high energy and some just go into what seems like a deep freeze. In her best selling book ‘Hot Spots’ , this professor of management practice at London Business School says that when the right people come together in a business they can create Hot Spots, moments when innovation and excitement create exceptional results for a business. In her subsequent book ‘Glow’ Gratton puts the spotlight on people who, thus energised, are able to radiate enthusiasm and inspiration in their work and inspire and ignite other people. These are the people, she says, who will always be in demand. Yes, even in a slowdown. Gratton is considered one of the world’s authorities on people in organisations and was listed at #18 in the Global Thinkers50 – the definitive listing of the world’s top 50 business thinkers. Her newly founded Future of Work consortium brings together more than twenty global corporations in a virtual community to research, examine and co-create templates for organisational practices of the future. Together, she is hoping they will create an in-depth analysis of how we will be working – as companies and individuals – in 2020. Come February, Gratton will be bringing her message about energy and innovation to the NASSCOM India Leadership Forum in Mumbai. more

Expect the unexpected – with Lynda Gratton

In an industry which is often guided by QSQT (Quarter se Quarter tak) formula, managers are never short of advice. In the ideas bazaar, they are often surrounded by gurus, consultants, authors and academics exhorting them on what to do and what to avoid. The difference lies in the context. A particular strategy which worked well, even a year back may now seem redundant. Most managers know this fact, but find it very hard to execute and end up doing exactly what they did earlier, with disastrous results. Prof Lynda Gratton in her much acclaimed book Living Strategy : putting people at the heart of corporate strategy, says “if people are our greatest assets, it is time to make strategies that people can live in”. It almost sounds clichéd but the reality is that more often than not, people do not feel they are treated as the most important assets. More so, in times when the downturn threatens to bring down age old reputations like nine pins. more