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Beyond Marketing: Leveraging Social Listening to Drive Business Performance

Social media listening to understand company and product sentiment, brand awareness, and product penetration has been firmly established as a critical tool for social-savvy consumer Marketing departments. Command centers glisten with strategically positioned high-definition monitors graphing trends in product mentions, tracking the real-time impact of marketing campaigns, and flashing alerts for immediate response to a customer inquiry or complaint. more

7 Focus Areas for Customer Experience Management

For those familiar with Michael Porter’s work, strategy is about differentiation. In the digital era, there is a growing consensus that differentiation will depend on how service providers manage their customers’ experience. Strategy then will need to increasingly focus on Customer Experience Management initiatives. Here are seven that I think would be important. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and I would welcome your inputs on additional ones. more

Are you a Digital Laggard, a Smart Follower or a Digital Attacker? Find out!

At its core, a digital enterprise uses technology to redefine customer experiences, improve operational efficiency, and embed digital advantages throughout its business model. The enterprise is configured to deliver maximum strategic and operational value from established and emergent technologies and to react quickly to changes these technologies trigger in customer behavior and the competitive landscape. more

How to Measure ROI from Digital

2014 was a year when we saw organizations across industry verticals ask the same question again & again – how would one allocate budgets across digital channels? What would be measurement criteria? How would one continually optimize performance of these channels from traffic and conversion perspective? more

Multichannel strategies, a bridge between offline and online worlds


In the past decade, the evolution of communications technologies has dramatically changed the way people interact. The widespread growth in Internet connections, the adoption of cell phone short messages (SMS) the beggining of smartphones, tablets and applications, the rise of the social media… all this new media has reshaped the way we talk to each other, connect with the world and the products, services and companies we like. And not only to communicate. Data and information are now more accessible than ever. more

How Major Brands Will Use Social Media Big Data in 2015 for Marketing

Social Media is a reservoir of robust amount of data both, structured and unstructured. The outcome of the extent brands will tap into them to generate actionable insights to optimize their marketing initiatives is limitless. From registering customer footfalls, brands have gone an extra mile to monitor their behavior to enhance their experience in this digitally transforming ecosystem. That being said, what will the future of Social Media look like for the users and marketers? more