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How to launch your fleet of connected products (IoT enabled)?

For industrial companies that make machines of any kind, IoT has become a “not if, but when” proposition. How do you move from an unconnected state to supporting a connected fleet of IoT products?  You need to prototype, scale, and then manage your fleet of Internet of Things products. Doing so involves adding technology such as computing and communications hardware, software, a cloud back-end, and analytics. It also may involve adding services. more

Transforming the way we work and live

It is a fact that technology is transforming the way we work and live and going forward, this change will be even more significant. In the future, interactions will be more touch-based. The interaction between man and machine will be more human-like. Companies such as Microsoft have for many years been investing in building such natural interactions in their labs. more

Marketing mantras from John Sculley

Sculley says the key role of marketing is to ask the right questions. He alluded to a research he anchored way back at Pepsi where they started off designing a bottle to compete with then market leader Coke, but eventually went on to launch larger size packs as he found out that homes that stocked colas were always running out of stock! more