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Transform your workplace for millennials

The millennial generation cannot be ignored: they are your employees, your customers and may even be your future employers. When you couple this generational evolution with the unfolding digital transformation, you see the heady mix that is transforming business models and activities.
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Clash of Titans: Baby boomers meet Millenials in the workforce

The session started with an interesting rapid fire discussion getting the pulse of baby boomers & millennial who majorly comprise the workforce today. The concept of baby boomers & millennials is not of much relevance to Indian Workforce said Saagarika Ghoshal, Chief People officer – Reliance Entertainment. She believes that while we work with several generations today and there are similarities and dissimilarities across, we can still experience the collaboration of both Baby Boomers & Millennials and see them working together with same pace & enthusiasm. She says diversity comes natural to Indian context but it is majorly organizational policies, structure and workforce experience which determine the pattern of workforce and makes it unique. As a country, India is flexible irrespective of age and gender and values contribution. more