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15 Megatrends shaping the World of Work- Part 3

Continued from my previous blog post, here are the last 5 megatrends shaping the way of work- more

Why you must be outsourcing your translation requirement

“Translation is everywhere,” proclaimed Matthew Sekac, Senior Director – Sales Strategy, Park IP Translations, at the IP Service World Conference held in November 2014 in Munich, Germany. In today’s world which is doing everything it can to ‘go global’ at a rapid pace, how can language translation stay far behind when it comes to being a part of the outsourcing era? Talk about it and you’ll find both supporters and detractors for the same; the supporters will vehemently claim that outsourcing is the only way to go, while the detractors will be equally vociferous in their point of view which says the opposite. more

Quo vadis, BPM?

Over the past decade, India has established leadership position in the global BPM outsourcing space through a combination of low cost, access to talent pool, mature industry landscape with over 500 service providers, global footprint with presence in over 78 countries and multi-lingual skills. The Indian BPM ecosystem is unmatched in the world, and despite pressure from other emerging locations, this unique value proposition has enabled India to maintain its leadership position in the global BPM outsourcing landscape with a share of 38 per cent in 2013. more

Future of IT

IT in the future- Consumerized, all pervasive, connected, at the center of every person and organization’s life- more

Obama’s chilling State of the Union

President Obama’s State of the Union address yesterday included some chilling words for the offshore outsourcing community: more

Thinking Allowed

Thinking Allowed is a weekly BBC Radio 4 programme focused on sociology. It’s a very interesting insight into how society works and opens up current academic thinking by presenting it in a way that is approachable and interesting. more