David Meerman Scott’s book “New rules of PR & Marketing”, which I read about two years back, had inspired me and my colleagues at Prayag to venture into the world of social media. So when I saw that he was conducting a workshop and also delivering a talk on social media for tech companies, I was all anticipation. And, David did not disappoint. His workshop was full of practical tips on the use of social media for branding and visibility. Importantly, he picked a few ideas which are apt for the B2B segment and spoke with conviction about why these tools would work. He was especially critical of tech company websites and how they spoke about themselves and their products rather than communicate how they would solve customer problems. Likewise, he virtually mocked at the use of jargon in tech communication, and regretfully, I had to agree that we do end up doing what he says!
He introduced the concept of buyer persona which was useful and interesting.
The bottom line was that social media and viral marketing provide each and every one of us- individual, small or big company with the tools and opportunity to make your presence felt and “earn” attention. Now it is up to us to make the most of it. more