Mr Saurabh Srivastava, Chairman of CA Inc, also the Chairperson for the session wished the participants a very good morning and welcoming them for Day 2.”Hope you have enjoyed last evening and the food and drinks being served was good enough”, he began on a lighter vein. The business models of the future will be determined by partnerships, he said. The expectations of consumers in India has undergone a dynamic shift in the last decade or so. In this electronic age, everything is expected to happen on real time basis. The long wait, which consumers in the past were  accustomed to -  often running into months – is long over, as demanding consumers want products and services delivered faster, with better quality and at a cheaper rate. For instance, the same consumer who was wont to wait, now gets overtly worked up, if there is a call-drop. Such changes in behavioural pattern has put a lot of pressure on organisations to deliver. A value proposition, which needs to improve on a continuous basis. The margin of error is very low which necessitates the need to develop effective partnerships and complement on each other’s strength. For a linear growth in business we often concentrate on our core competence and vendors. For non-linear growth, we often need to develop partners, lest we miss out an opportunity. The communication channel also needs to be well oiled to stay relevant. Mr Srivastava talked about the NISG project where NASSCOM has a 51 % majority stake and the government, the balance 49 %. The UID project which is slated to change the lives of a billion people, is another example of how partnerships have the potential to make a difference. This project is a matter of national pride, driven by one of the luminaries of our industry and CA would be deploying human resources on secondment, he said. Mr Saurabh Srivastava also welcomed others to come forward and support this huge initiative. The project is mammoth in size and scope and needs to be rolled out very quickly. This is only possible when we are able to leverage on partnerships that support the entire ecosystem. The other advantage of building on partnerships, is the brand equity that it all adds up to, in terms of goodwill and reputation, he said. Islands may get washed away by Tsunami but continents don’t. We can choose to sit back and think – only as long as the clock is ticking – or choose to act on it. more