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Railway Budget 2014: The technology imperative

Under the 6-week old Modi government, the first Railway Budget has come up with a swathe of reforms which – without getting into the mechanics of implementation – look very positive. The Budget’s focus on growth and modernisation by leveraging IT is a step in the right direction. more

Rail Budget 2013: “What does it mean for the Indian IT Industry”

The proposed railway budget for this fiscal year has laid foundations to utilize technology in myriad forms for bringing about improvement in the lives of people, meeting aspirations of the Gen Next. more

Catalyzing IT Transformation: Key Priorities and Challenges, Session one at the NILF 2010

We have Mr., Rajendra Pawar, Chairman NIIT Tech, leading the first session of the NILF 2010 on Catalysing IT Transformation: Key Priorities and Challenges. more