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Startups: Bubble or no Bubble?

Is there a StartUp Bubble on the doorstep?

Bubble is defined differently by different people who specialize in different subjects. While an economist attributes this phenomenon to an unsustainable valuation of a cluster of companies that are built on large capitals raised from the public directly or indirectly through various funding instruments not limited to just stock market listing.  For a common man this means he is going to loose jobs, his immovable asset valuation dives nose down and he foresees a lot of turbulence in financial situation of his family.  All this is in a way, true but also “not as straight as it seems”. There is more to this saga of “bubble and its effect” that what we think. more

Location Services, Mobile Apps and Personalization: Digital Transformation of the Customer Experience

According to the KPCB Internet Trends Report 2015, the number of mobile phone users in the world over is 5.2 billion, with around 40 percent being smartphone users. With tablet computers also commonplace and wearable devices along with the Internet of Things revolution just around the corner, it’s only a matter of time before the number of mobile devices far outnumbers the number of human beings on the planet.Mobile devices provide three key triggers for transformation and disruption of the status quo: Location Services, Mobile Apps and Personalization. Each of these triggers has resulted in a huge improvement in the customer experience. more

Geographic Information System (GIS) Trends in India – An End User Perspective

The Geographic Information System (GIS) market is evolving from a distinct software market into a supporting technology that meets industry-specific business process needs. The benefits of GIS applications in planning, research and development, and deployment are changing the way business decisions are taken. GIS solutions are applied across a large spectrum of industries and applications that benefit from the features/functions of a comprehensive portfolio of all forms of geographically referenced information. more

Indian IT-BPM Industry- venturing in uncharted waters, enabling business growth for clients in the digital era

As the saying goes “All great changes are preceded by chaos.” And this could not be truer for the global economy today. Beginning with economic turmoil, the ripple effects of which are still being felt today, to the ongoing political upheavals across the world. From the erratic movements in global commodity prices, inflation and unemployment and the constantly shifting business and technology landscape, volatility is now an ongoing reality than an exception. At the same time, businesses all over the world now face the digital, connected customer- one who is informed, decisive and influential. Organizations have no choice but to use technology to undergo a digital transformation themselves. Digitization can extend reach of organizations, enhance management decisions, and accelerate development of new growth engines. more

IT and business alignment – valid anymore?

I noticed that session VII:A of the NILF features IT and business alignment. I thought it’s worth throwing an opinion out on the blog even before I attend the session, just to see what people here are thinking. more