The stunning Corporate Editor of CNBC, Ms Shereen Bhan, also the Chairperson for the session, welcomed the participants with her dazzling smile. The turn of events in the last few quarters has taught us to strike a balance between looking inward and outward, she said. We have to also get back to the basics and our core values – all the more difficult to do so at the time of downturn, where mere survival becomes a challenge at times. With this, comes the need for being adaptive combined with agility. Protectionism imposed by US has taught us that the rules of the game may change overnight, upsetting all strategies and long-term plans. There are companies which look inward at such times and seek out a solution, whereas others who set a mandate by drawing parallels from outside. There is a lot to be learnt from customer feedback and comparing with those of other industries. She also talked about innovation and how it can make a difference. Ms Bhan then invited Mr Rajiv Bajaj to take the dais. more