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The Future Ought to be ‘Smart’

How IoT will turn out to be the game-changer for you, me, and the nation at large
CarIQ allows car drivers to make decisions based on real-time data that is captured from the car; Fin, a Bluetooth device from RHLvision, enables one to control any smart devices by moving the thumb over the other fingers; Ducere’s GPS-enabled smart sports shoe, LeChal, vibrates to give the wearer directions. The shoe also counts the number of steps taken, distance travelled and calories burnt by the wearer; Cardiac Design Labs offers a device that helps cardiac patients in rural India to connect with a specialist doctor in case of emergencies. more

Emerging Internet Trends – India riding the wave

India is a growing digital market – over 200 million people are connected to the internet, and contributing to an exponentially growing economy. The young and dynamic user population is driving the growth of online consumption in sophisticated ways that are in line with developed countries in the current scenario. more

Global Internet Trends – The world is getting smarter

The world is undergoing a fundamental shift due to expansion of mobile technology. Almost everything can be managed by using smart devices like smartphones, tablets, iPads etc. With over 2.5 billion users, the internet is unarguably the most successful human invention ever created. In today’s environment, who needs a dictionary, a calculator, a textbook, a brick and mortar retail shop, a visit to bank etc.? With ever changing global internet trends, smart devices ensure that we can now abandoning earlier lifestyles we used to follow. Whatever we want to do, is just a click away due to seismic shifts in internet proliferation. more

RIM rises on the back of smart devices?

We used to get excited by robots. And Japan still churns out images of robots doing cool (well, not for us) stuff like ironing. But Mr Arroyo, CIO, of AT&T is painting the vision of the future where devices are on the network. Where not just can your iPhone switch on your car, but various devices can give real-time feedback. more