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Beyond Marketing: Leveraging Social Listening to Drive Business Performance

Social media listening to understand company and product sentiment, brand awareness, and product penetration has been firmly established as a critical tool for social-savvy consumer Marketing departments. Command centers glisten with strategically positioned high-definition monitors graphing trends in product mentions, tracking the real-time impact of marketing campaigns, and flashing alerts for immediate response to a customer inquiry or complaint. more

Digital Storytelling-Humanizing the Technology Story

Bryan Kramer, a globally renowned speaker and author says there are no more B2B and B2C, because businesses today are all about H2H or Human to Human. A new wave has begun in the corporate world which is being labeled as the humanization of business. more

Digital will render 70% of your current workforce irrelevant- what do you do?

In the new digital environment, productivity is being driven by technology improvements, rather than labor growth, and this decoupling of revenue from head count is likely to continue. The Indian IT industry – IT, BPM, and engineering services – added about 3 million people to reach its first USD 100 billion in revenue, but will likely add far lesser to bring in the next USD 100 billion more

15 Megatrends shaping the World of Work- Part 3

Continued from my previous blog post, here are the last 5 megatrends shaping the way of work- more

15 Megatrends shaping the World of Work- Part 2

Continued from my previous blog post (  , here are the next 5 megatrends shaping the way of work- more

Analytics and Business Intelligence in India – Key End User Insights

There are four overarching trends transforming the industry: Big Data, predictive analytics, self-service/embedded analytics, and cloud-based analytics. Common technologies/tools used for sharing analytics insights within an organization comprise of spreadsheets (MS Excel), dashboards (drillable/interactive data visualization interfaces), scoreboards (performance analysis against KPIs and set goals) and reports in PDF or html format. more