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The cultural must-haves that can create a great work environment

Does everyone in your team feel an integral part of your ecosystem?The recent buzz around planning online world cup campaign for team India, employee engagement team’s excitement in organizing Women’s day celebration at work, the latest Supervisor win at Teleperformance India, or all the previous victories during For Fun festival set me thinking. In my opinion, for any organization to truly prosper and carry its tenured workforce along, one factor governs all. Its culture.  Culture bleeds into everything, from mindset to performance. That is why many a leading HR leaders worldwide are now advocating the idea of keeping HR centrally relevant to all the other functions of the organization; only a figure in the center with 360* understanding and experience  could really be the optimum influence on shaping company’s culture. Teleperformance India is benefitting from such a move since two years now! In order to deliver well collectively, every employee must feel committed, engaged, resilient and excited, all at once. An employee must trust the system with the knowledge of his/her competitiveness, and believe that there will be a fair assessment of his/her strength, weakness and capabilities and this will propel a lot scope for growth and development not only professionally but interpersonally. This is how CULTURE governs teams within the office ecosystem. This is how it governs my teams here in India. Analyzing our stance, these I feel are a few these cultural must-haves that can create a great work environment. more

Thinking Allowed

Thinking Allowed is a weekly BBC Radio 4 programme focused on sociology. It’s a very interesting insight into how society works and opens up current academic thinking by presenting it in a way that is approachable and interesting. more