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Agile Thinking: How Can I Help You?

One of the key fundamental elements of Agile is its focus on delivering a testable or demonstrable end-to-end functional slice that provides business value. This approach is the key catalyst of some behavioural, cultural, and structural changes. more

Common, but fatal errors in software assignment and license agreements (and other copyright agreements) in India

For any commercial agreement dealing with transfer of property (a tangible or an intangible property), it is essential to set out the terms and conditions of the transfer cautiously. The present article highlights some fatal errors that occur when parties entering in agreements for commercialization of copyrights either by way of assignments or licensesignoreimportantstatutory principles with respect to mode of transfer prescribed under the Indian copyright law. more

How Major Brands Will Use Social Media Big Data in 2015 for Marketing

Social Media is a reservoir of robust amount of data both, structured and unstructured. The outcome of the extent brands will tap into them to generate actionable insights to optimize their marketing initiatives is limitless. From registering customer footfalls, brands have gone an extra mile to monitor their behavior to enhance their experience in this digitally transforming ecosystem. That being said, what will the future of Social Media look like for the users and marketers? more

Digital Marketing Disrupted: It’s now about Consumer Engagement

As enterprises the world over go digital, one area that has already been ‘digitized’, at least partially, for some years now is that of marketing. Digital Marketing using channels such as e-mail, social media, and the web is fairly widespread and growing rapidly. more

Mobile First, PCs are Next

Stellar growth of mobile devices along with new consumer software and services has been the primary IT catalyst this decade.  As such, company’s tendency has been to design for mobile devices before making new investments in traditional desktop computers. This results in a mobile-first strategy that prioritizes mobile users over those who are still tethered to larger and less portable screens. more

John Sculley: The Brand Builder

What do Pepsi and Apple have in common? more