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Deep Diving Into Customer’s Experience Of Mobile Brands

If we’d ask ourselves, “What’s the one physical thing you cannot live without every day?” We are pretty sure a majority of you would nominate your smartphone. And why not? A smartphone keeps us connected, helps us travel with maps, let us buy stuff online and so much more. With so many reasons, there are times when we tend to have a love-hate relationship with our phones. After a point of time, you might start thinking of switching to another phone. That’s the time when your geeky friends will suggest you phones of different brands which will suit your exact requirements, or you compare the available handsets across sites and keep playing with the sliders to get various suggestions. And eventually, you’ll find that one phone of your choice.
Deep Diving Into Customers' Experience Of Mobile Brands more

Marketing mantras from John Sculley

Sculley says the key role of marketing is to ask the right questions. He alluded to a research he anchored way back at Pepsi where they started off designing a bottle to compete with then market leader Coke, but eventually went on to launch larger size packs as he found out that homes that stocked colas were always running out of stock! more