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Working in the Cloud : The business factors, drivers and values of cloud

Ms Stephanie Moore, Chief Marketing Officer at UST Global and also the chairperson for the session on Clouds, was thrilled to be present at NILF. There were several positives, as well as negatives working around this new idea but in reality, IT executives were freed of mundane tasks and could now concentrate on the strategic interests of business. According to a research conducted by Forrester,  the challenges were related to which models to adopt, how much of control to give up and redefining the roles in the organisation, to map this change. The set of challenges also veered towards managing headcount and build an effective structure to address organisational needs. There was a thought on what to put in the cloud. It was generally felt that non differentiators, from an organisational perspective, could be leveraged, using the cloud computing model in order to capitalise on value. From the service providers angle, there was tremendous value in service aggregation and some of the best in breed service aggregators, featured as Global 500 companies, Ms Moore said. To embrace the cloud, it was important to adapt a “cloud strategy” and decide on a definitive model. For instance, if using a private cloud, role definition from the user and the vendor’s perspective needs to be clarified. She invited Mr William Bauman, senior vice president of CA Inc to take the dais. more

Catching up

I met Stephanie Moore, CMO, UST Global today at NILF. I had first met Stephanie more than a decade back when she was an analyst at Giga and I was handling analyst relations (as H-Corporate Markleting) at Infosys. In fact, Infosys was the first Indian offshore based company to start an analyst program and Stephanie was one of the analysts I met during our first road show. Much water has flown under the bridge since. I moved out of Infosys to co-found Prayag in 2001, while Stephanie moved out of the analyst world to the corporate world to become CMO, UST Global.
When I asked her how the transition had been, she said it was great and she was enjoying the new role a lot. UST Global was recently in the news for opening a center at Manila. From the looks of it, the company is poised for growth. It will be interesting, as an industry observer to watch out for this company! more