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Why use Stories for Online Branding and Marketing?

There is a famous proverb, “Facts tell. Stories sell”. Storytelling is one of the tools of branding and marketing. Is it a more powerful tool or is it the most powerful tool? Let us take a look. more

Digital Storytelling-Humanizing the Technology Story

Bryan Kramer, a globally renowned speaker and author says there are no more B2B and B2C, because businesses today are all about H2H or Human to Human. A new wave has begun in the corporate world which is being labeled as the humanization of business. more

Employee Branding

David started the session showcasing the agenda of the session: more

Master Class II :Harnessing the power of stories in organizational settings

The session, as one would expect, starts with an interesting story which happened to be from Tanvi’s real life experience and given the humour in it, got the session going on a light, yet engaging note. more