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What keeps Chandra awake at night?

Engaging with customers better and understanding how his organization (TCS) can become more and more customer relevant appears to be the most important question in the mind of the CEO of India’s largest IT services company – Chandrasekar of TCS. Chandra explained that simple as this may seem in concept, doing this right and in a sustained way was far from easy. A deep understanding of your customer’s business, and understanding how IT can drive efficiencies as well as growth, are key to stitching together sticky and enduring customer relationships, said Chandra in conversation with Shereen Bahn at NILF today.
Chandra added that one reason why the Indian industry (read scale players) handled the recent downturn better (compared to 2001) was because they had become more customer-relevant and were in many cases the strategic outsourcing partner. Having said this, keeping at it and making customer engagement deeper tops his list of priorities. more

It’s great to be back at NILF

I reached Hyatt, a little later than planned, towards the end of the morning keynote. But we (my colleague Jayanthi and I) were in business in quick time, thanks to NASSCOM’s super-efficient registration process. As a 3rd time official blogger, I carry a media tag (albeit with mixed feelings!). As always, met a lot of people I knew (and usually get to meet only at NILF) – and towards the second half, attended a couple of interesting sessions as well. I enjoyed the talk “ Understand the future if you want to be a part of it” by Michael Roger, Vishy Anand’s talk on strategies in chess ( which have so much applicability to business). I also thought Chandrasekar’s perspectives on running a business in unusual times were practical, down to earth and bang on target. more

Salutations! Live from Nasscom ILF 2011!


India to go the ‘cloud’ way for e-governance

India might soon become the first country in the world to deliver e-governance services to citizens using cloud-based IT services. The
government is having a dialogue with the apex software industry body, Nasscom, on how to roll out e-governance services using this emerging technology, which fast gaining acceptance among enterprises for its affordability and ability to address large numbers of transactions. “A collaboration on e-governance via cloud technologies may include 90% of the citizen services, which have not yet been rolled out. It will also make project execution faster,” R Chandrashekhar, secretary for IT, ministry of it and communications, told ET in an exclusive interview. more

The Cap Gemini brand of humour

The panel discussion -Why looking outward is the leader’s job- today was pretty interesting- first, the profile of panelists was highly complementary- we had Chandra from TCS- solid and backing his arguments with logic and experiences from his context, Rajiv Bajaj, a refreshing addition to the panel- as an outsider he gave a different perspective. But the surprise package, to me at least, was Paul Hermelin, Group CEO, Cap Gemini. more

Obama’s chilling State of the Union

President Obama’s State of the Union address yesterday included some chilling words for the offshore outsourcing community: more