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Internet of Things (IoT) and the Data Center

Internet of Things or IoT threatens to generate huge amount of data,and bring in new challenges related to model, security, management, and more that will transform the data center more

BPO is evolving fast- too fast for some markets

What is Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)? As the name suggests, it is the outsourcing of specific business processes to a trusted partner, but this process has changed over the past decade from very simple processes to those that are so complex it is impossible to detect the boundary between the company buying a service and the one performing it. more

Digital transformation- Turning technology into transformation!

Digital transformation is more than a buzz word. It is real, it is achievable, and it is happening. However, do we clearly understand this term? I am not so sure. Let us delve deeper.
Digital Transformation - Turning technology into transformation! more

Quo vadis, BPM?

Over the past decade, India has established leadership position in the global BPM outsourcing space through a combination of low cost, access to talent pool, mature industry landscape with over 500 service providers, global footprint with presence in over 78 countries and multi-lingual skills. The Indian BPM ecosystem is unmatched in the world, and despite pressure from other emerging locations, this unique value proposition has enabled India to maintain its leadership position in the global BPM outsourcing landscape with a share of 38 per cent in 2013. more

Global Economy: Have the goalposts changed for good

Nitin Seth:  To kick off the session, I thought it would be nice to share with you what the CEOs are thinking, what is worrying them, what they are expecting from their HR counterpart. In the current slowdown there is lot of scope for innovation. Organizations have to transform to stay relevant in the current scenario, so those who are not willing to change and adapt, both individuals and organizations, may be shocked in some time about how far behind they are. It is a crucial time for HR to step up to the current situation. more