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The Internet of Things: Part I

What is the Internet of Things?

A term like “Internet of Things” (IoT) can become so over-used that it loses all meaning. Those of us who were around for the “Web 2.0” hype cycle remember this situation. In retrospect, the outcome of “Web 2.0” was the interactive, self-authoring Internet, as we know it today: Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, blogs, among others. In technology, once something becomes successful it simply becomes the way things are, and no longer needs a name. I believe we will see a similar phenomenon around IoT: once it has transformed the world, it will no longer even need a name, and it will just be the way things are. more

Virtual Currencies – the Biggest Disruption Internet Ever Created?

Digital wallets do not need financial institutions or a central authority to intermediate transactions and are quickly being adopted by companies from different industries. The volume that exceeds 3 million spontaneous mentions per month, on social media channels under this topic, reflects on how online audiences are engaging with this new reality. more

UK recession is over

It’s taken nearly two years, but the British government has announced today that the UK is officially back and growing again. The recession that has lasted since mid-2008 is over. more