The future lies in globally collaborative development and delivery

The NILF 2010 ha a number of sessions on cloud computing, software as a service, innovation, transformational change, the role of telecom players in showing the way and so on. One can see a thread connecting all these to serve a maturing Indian IT industry whose scope and vision is no longer based on delivery of services overseas from India based development centers. Rather it is of a globally dispersed work force working together collaboratively to deliver services to diverse customers world wide.

Cloud computing will certainly play a role, but how? In getting a globally dispersed workforce with diverse skills to work together on a single project? Or for the delivery of software as a service on a subscription model or on demand? Or at the highest end, on providing a development platform as a service? Depending on the size of the company, its global footprint and customer base, it could be any of these. The knowledge of the options ahead, the directions that are possible, and the path to achieving this model of development & delivery are likely to be sown at NILF 2010.

I suspect the strategy sessions, and the sessions on collaborative development & delivery of IT platforms will be some of the most keenly attended at the NILF next week. If you haven’t registered for the NILF, don’t fret, you can follow it online on a WAP enabled platform. The live stream is available on After all the NILF providing its insights and exposure on a globally available basis is walking the talk –or in this case, streaming the talk! Don’t miss it.

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