The story of technology and innovation – on and off the pitch

A tradition that NASSCOM has been following at its annual NILF is to invite a well-known, non-IT personality to highlight learnings that can be applied to the Indian IT-BPO industry. This year it was Sir Richard Hadlee, the great pace bowler from New Zealand, who drew parallels between sport, business and IT.

Sport and Business: Think smart and new – the mantra that both need to adopt – do something different and unexpected to give you an edge over competition. Apart from this:

  • Working with limited resources: New Zealand can tap into population of only about 4 million peopled vis-à-vis England (~51 million), Australia (~23 million) and India (over 1 billion)
  • Requires great physical fitness and mental toughness
  • Maximum utilisation of skills and abilities – identify performers and leaders
  • At the end, you may see no result (particularly for a test match)
  • You need a team that is highly motivated, goal oriented
  • You need to seize the moment; also take on/deal with criticism
  • Analyse opposition
  • Enjoy the rewards

Technology in Sport (particularly Cricket):

  • Lead to enhanced game
  • Create a viewing spectacle; also better informed public
  • Help achieve positive results
  • Attract more people to the game
  • Attract advertisers
  • Technology is being leveraged by coaches to understand player and opposition techniques; also being used to analyse and improve player performance
  • Sir Hadlee also mentioned the Decision Review System in Cricket which is entirely technology based enabling more accurate review and better decision making

Sir Hadlee then went on to highlight the technology sector in New Zealand:

  • USD 5 billion in exports
  • Ideal investment centre for gaming, call centre, datacenters, education, public sector, travel & logistics, BFSI, and Healthcare
  • An ideal testing lab for IT solutions
  • Gateway to APAC – Australia and others
  • Companies doing pioneering work
    • Virtual Eye: a world leader in real-time 3D Sports Graphics on land, sea and in the air. Their technology is being used in Cricket, Golf, Formula 1, Yatching
    • Animation Research Ltd.: A computer graphics production houses, turning digital data into pictures and augmented reality applications
    • Other companies present at NILF include Medtech Global, OMNIMax, Orion Health, Pingar, SIMTICS, Vista Entertainment, xlerate
    • Icehouse: Incubation centre

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