The Universal Language of Technology Conferences: Schwag

I arrived in Mumbai on Monday morning in the very early morning hours (3:00 am) after a trip that lasted nearly 24 hours and hopped across 12 time zones. I greeted at the airport with a sign that read “Nasscom Leadership India Forum – Miss Kanter.” The driven took me to the Grand Hyatt Hotel saying that during the day the traffic is much different. The conference hotel one of the largest hotels in Mumbai with many rooms and a large convention area.

After going through security to enter the hotel and registering, I got into my room and then I crashed.

Although my body still thinks it is the middle of the night, I got this morning to register before the opening session. If there is one thing that is unverisal around the world – it’s that Technology Conferences have schwag.

And the Nasscom India Leadership Forum is not different. Here’s a quick look at the schwag I found inside my conference bag: The conference bag is a beige canvas messenger bag with leather accents. The flap is imprinted with the conference name. The bag was filled with brochures and other goodies from conference sponsors, including branded items like a pen, pad, T-shirt, and more. It also included the NASSCOM official conference book that was a convenient weight and size to carry around for reference (6 x 9). A really useful item I found tucked in my conference bag was the conference “Facebook,” a booklet about the size of a business card that had photos, titles, and sessions for the speakers. And of course my conference badge. The title I entered in the registration form was something like, “Blogger, Trainer, Consultant, CEO Zoetica, and Scholar” got translated into “Social Media Expert.”

Well off to the opening session followed by the Social Innovation Honors which recognizes innovation in the use of information technology that brings about positive and sustainable social change.

More conference information and reports here: Twitter and conference blog and hashtag: #nilf

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