Thinking Allowed

Thinking Allowed is a weekly BBC Radio 4 programme focused on sociology. It’s a very interesting insight into how society works and opens up current academic thinking by presenting it in a way that is approachable and interesting.

The most recent edition featured an extensive analysis of the future of work, and how workplaces may change in future. A lot of this discussion on how work is changing focused on how outsourcing is changing companies and the jobs of people who work within companies that are using outsourcing.

Have a listen, and if you enjoy it then I recommend subscribing to the Podcast as it’s a fascinating programme.

  1. NVSN Murthy, Scientist in metallurgy and a short-time visitor on earth:
  2. Annadhatha MK Rao, Engineer, Reformist & Social Servant, Age: 63
  3. annadhatha M K Rao, Age: 63, Engineer, Reformist and Social Worker
  4. gregtossy

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