Virtual Currencies – the Biggest Disruption Internet Ever Created?

Digital wallets do not need financial institutions or a central authority to intermediate transactions and are quickly being adopted by companies from different industries. The volume that exceeds 3 million spontaneous mentions per month, on social media channels under this topic, reflects on how online audiences are engaging with this new reality.

Transactions via bankcards and PayPal are still running the business. Although Bitcoin has grown in popularity (10,834,075 is the total number of Bitcoins in existence), Bitcoin transactions equal only 0.7% of the credit card transaction in the US.

Is Bitcoin the future of currency? The United States, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom are the top three countries talking about digital currencies on social networks. Statistically, these same countries are amongst the top worldwide traders as well.

Consumers also talk about which companies are accepting new form of money; they are Reddit, Microsoft, WordPress, Overstock and Cryptsy. The customers find these companies to be the innovators that managed to adapt their businesses to this market trend.

Despite the existence of similar currencies, Bitcoin is by far the most mentioned on social media channels. Traders mention the ‘sky-high’ value of the coins, transactions and investments, the business platform, breaking news and step-by-step guides for beginners to buying, selling and investing in Bitcoins. Gamers and gamblers are the most active endorsers of digital currency benefits. Music, books and travel make-up the list of the most mentioned services traders is buying with digital coins.

Bitcoin Wallet owners from the United States, the Netherlands and United Kingdom post about security breaks and actively retweet articles on how to create a secure wallet.

Entrepreneurs and CEO’s follow and post about digital currency, evaluating if it will stay for long and if its value will rise even more.

Digital currencies phenomenon seems to be here to stay and social media have embraced this trend.

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Digital Currencies - infographic

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