What wasnt said: Web2.0 – Dazzling, but not Real.

What wasnt said: Web2.0 – Dazzling, but not Real.

Thanks to John of CISCO, there is that buzzword that even startups are scared to tread – the web20 – being thrown around as a way to grow an edge to the offerings. I am not sure if enterprises should look at that. Here’s why.

Web2.0 is about communities.
Web 2.0 is about end-users
web 2.0 is about losing control.
web 2.0 has no sure way of making money.

I’ll go with one solid advice that was made by Ravi, the Chairman of Microsoft, that if something doesnt yield results in 18 months, dont go after it. And any web 2.0 forum will tell you that building a service, growing it to the point of gaining traction and even thinking about monetizing the traffic will take about three years.

Short answer:Stay away from it.

There is also another reason to this whole recommendation. Most enterprises are providing services, and catering to other enterprises. There is little to very little adoption of any Web 2.0 services in the enterprise space – well, while there are SaaS driven models of cutting costs and enough selling attempts on the cloud computing space, Web 2.0 (which has made shades and the pure form being around a community) is going to be a risky game for the service Industry to focus on.

Case in Point: During a short discussion with one of the founders of Slideshare yesterday, he was mentioning how often they get into trouble because the Marketing team of a company would put up a presentation on Slideshare and the Legal team (without knowing that it was their own team) would send a notice to take it down and they are in a position to break it to both of them that they are part of the same organization which is putting the info up and trying to take it down. Imagine that.

John almost sold and had the audience wowing about the whole Web 2.0 buzzword into this audience and there is a buzz about it among the delegates, but unless you have a sure plan about it and have a clear picture as to where you are heading, and most importantly do have the patience to wait it out, wouldnt recommend it.

So what would I recommend? Its coming up in the posts to follow today. Stay Tuned!

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